Friday, May 16, 2008

Barry Zito Needs More Money

That’s right, Barry Zito needs to get paid. Even more than what he's getting now.

Zito’s fastball has lost a step, his curveball sits on the edge of the table, and he has yet to win a game this season.

Zito is in the need some motivation. What better motivation than cold, hard cash?

The San Francisco Giants are $13 million dollars short of what their $90 million payroll was last year.

The cash is available. The Giants won't be making any big-time moves this season.

That's all coming this offseason.

Zito is currently getting a hair under $3 million for all seven of his losses this year. At his current rate, that could stretch to $1 million a loss.

So why not offer Zito $500,000 for every win from here on out? Then offer another $500,000 to pitch through the seventh inning (he has yet to warmup for the seventh inning this season).

The Giants have an extra $13 million lying around, let’s make use of it. Plus think of the publicity.

Sure, some people would think the Giants are crazy, they spent $126 million on the guy.

But you would most certainly watch.

The Giants' attendance is already down this year. Think about the motivation for the fans to go watch Zito earn his money. Attendance would spike if a player’s bonus salary was on the line.

All the Zito haters would come out to watch him miss out on an extra $1 million.

On the flip side, Zito fans would come to see him, and the Giants' fans come to see him, and the Giants earn a victory. These fans would tell all the haters, “He earned that extra $500,000 today,” and they would actually be pleased with the $500,000 that their ball club spent.

It could turn out to be the worst train wreck you’ve ever seen, or the most masterful plan to get your “star” player back on track.

Let's say he pitches six innings and gets the win; he would only get $500,000.

Technically, Barry Zito would save the Giants money and win them a game.

Do you think you'd ever say that all in one sentence otherwise?

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