Saturday, March 15, 2008


Grandpa Riebe said...

"i have, everyone has. they love it."

haha i saw this back awhile ago and its hilarious

Larry Bud said...

this is so great. those have to be some of the worst questions by a reporter of all time followed up by some of the best answers.

"did your parents say you can have a party?"
"so why did you?"

"what have your parents said?"
"i haven't really talked to them really. when they call i don't pick up."

"what do you have to say for those out there looking to have partys while their parents are gone?"
"call me."

Larry Bud said...

2ndly type the kids name into google, Corey Delaney i believe and see all the news he's made.

Kid is getting paid big bills to throw parties all over the world.
Shows you all it takes is one party. Or one youtube video.