Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I love this woman

If I've ever been consistent on One thing. If there was only one thing I've ever been consistent on, all of you guys know it. Not my fascination with Barry, my masterful prowess of the Alto Sax, my 2pac lyrical database in my head, even Asian women's feet, it's always been Mariah Carey.

Check out her latest Video (below). Girl is damn near 40 at this point. Apparently they modeled the guy in the video after me, but I can't get a confirmation from her record company at this time.

Verdicts in. Hottest woman alive. She's not even old enough to be considered a cougar really, but rest assured she will be the most exquisite looking older woman.


Larry Bud said...

damn shes fine.

Grandpa Riebe said...

she's indeed old enough to be considered a cougar.