Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stanfurd got F'd with BS call

A great college basketball game just finished up - Stanford v. UCLA. UCLA won in overtime; taking the Pac-10 regular season championship.

Now of course, i am by no means a Stanfurd fan but I gotta say that the last call of regulation (a foul that gave UCLA's Collison 2 FT shots to tie it up with a couple seconds left) was BS. Not only was it BS because it was bullshit but it was BS because it was a clean blocked shot.

I'm sure that being a ref is a tough job and that making the right call all the time is impossible BUT when it comes to the final minute of a game (and an incredibly important game especially), the right call is often NO call. As a referee, you have a tough position - while your actions can determine the outcome of a game, they never should. It is unfortunate that they did this time.

Also, Collison should learn some basketball respect - there is no reason he should be trying to score 2 more points when his team is up 8 with 5 seconds left. dribble the ball out, let the clock run down, and take the victory you shouldnt have had.

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