Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh and Two More Things - Tony

No need to apologize Dave, as once again you are misinformed, since I was on the debate team. But that's besides the point. I don't claim to know how every company works, but I know enough about companies to understand that they don't make million dollar decisions without research and test data to back it up. That is, unless the company is run by Dub D?

So Eric and I don't know what's going on... please fill us in Dave. I've only been out of school a year but I'd love to learn the latest in marketing and production department operations since my departure.

And maybe my aspirations of the debate team never came true, but I think I'm a little more credible than you Dave, since I actually back up my statements with some form of logic or fact.

Lastly, my job has nothing to do with the stock market, nor could I even tell you within a thousand points what the DOW or S&P is currently at.

Keep them coming Dave, I'm kinda bored at work.

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