Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Re: Tejada Bullshit - Giorgio

Yeah dave I think that was pretty dumb on your part to ruin your entire argument and base your whole opinion on the other side solely on them being involved in the stock market... because I probably read into the stock market and research near, if not more in some situations, than both of them (and I am trying to win our side) so thanks!!!

Anyways... I still am going to stick by my point that more and more of Sports Center has been gearing towards skepticism, less fact, more opinion, and creating controversy - while at the same time telling us that, from what Khalid told me, Jay-z and beyonce are now married or that the Oscars - broadcasted on ABC - were on this week.

Although Eric is right that we have become better critical thinkers, I disagree that this "critical thinking" of mine has become this strong, i.e. through maturity and education, or wherever I would acquire it, in the past year when I started to notice the change that ABC has rendered upon ESPN. I watched Sports Center until the last year of college, and I am pretty sure my thinking skills did not increase that much in the last year as it did in the previous 3 to make a decision that Sports Center was this way all the time.

I think this change has happened recently, and that is why I have recently stopped watching; and I accredit this change to ABC having a stronger influence on ESPN's corporate affairs.

And I did not fully explain myself because I did not think it was going to be debated, but what I meant when I said brain power was more towards me than others (although I guess it is not that obvious from the way i wrote it and thats my bad). I tend to never be blank from thought, even if I am sitting on a drive way staring into the sky or onto the pavement, and I am much more into my thought then then would I be when watching TV. And in reference to watching documentaries, or informational programs which take strong listening skills, etc., I meant all TV watching to be related (although once again I did not mention it because I didnt know it was going to be debated)towards something that is similar but not TV related. e.g. watching documentary on the history channel vs. reading about it, going to class on it, having a discussion about it, or researching it online.

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