Sunday, April 27, 2008

So this is whats its come to...

Why are you yelling at eachother? Did you know three time a day a small child dies of listening to people pointlessly bitch ar eachother? True fact people. Hope your all doing well. Thanks for writing the other part of my story i left open for you scotty.
Tony, you better be lik 220 benching 315 when i get home.
George, Im curious how your life is going, fill me in.
Dave, I wish i could stay in chico longer like you.
Khalid, have 2 humps
Pad, Im getting a job at renaissance, and im gonna work at the dcare a bit i think. as long as jamie the cunt nazi doesnt use her powers of bitchness to thwart my attempts to make some money. That slute hates me so much.
Eric, hope your doing well, and if your doing any wedding planning i hope its going smoothly. My buddy is getting maried in august and he is stressin hardcore, some serious time goes into all that jazz.
I cant remember anyone else who does the blog. sorry.
I like the arguement, but facts are facts, tv sucks. Its a horrible representation of what life is in no way not. It will eventually be our complete undoing. One day children will no longer look to their parents but to the airwaves for everything. As I say this i am watching the sharks, teh dallas game, fantastic four, man vs wild, and playing call of duty four...all while checking online who got kicked off americna idol and what tyra banks said on her breathtaking show......
you want to feel better about yourselves watch? watch The Soup. Best show on television
Plus the fucker reminds me of squall.
Peace. See you all in a few weeks when i leave the kush life and ever so slowly eneter the chill waters of death and despair.

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