Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Re: Television Bullshit - Dave

So Tony I'm sorry that your aspirations to be on the debate team never came true, but I was drunk when I posted a comment about ESPN.

Neverthless, the key sentence in that educational piece that squall dip posted is as stated:

"This integration culminated in the 2006 decision to merge ABC Sports' operations with ESPN. As a result, all of ABC's sports programming now uses ESPN on ABC."

This is why the other day when I watched Lakers-Spurs in the regular season I see Stuart Scott and his ugly eye on the halftime show. Something I wasn't use to seeing... Stuart Scott on Basic Cable.

Now the thing that pisses me off is the pop culture references. Now you might remember a day when it was cute to make a comment like "way back, way back, oh no he got playa hated on" But now when you use the movie there will be blood to describe a sports play..thats too much.

So Tony and Eric...This all eventually comes down to the fact that both of you are stock market junkies and think that if their is a company involved you know every single possible logistical reason that something goes on. But the truth is you don't know what goes on. For all you know those pop culture references could be incognito advertisements that are costing production companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We don't know.

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