Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Re: Television Bullshit - Giorgio

all i got to say is I have noticed a difference in the way ESPN has acted in the past few years; and because of this I do not watch ESPN unless it is for a sporting event that interests me. I also do not watch any reality shows (besides a few episodes of Maui Fever because in the beginning it was about a few guys trying to get girls to fuck them, but then it turned into this love affair and i stopped watching). I also do not watch any of those american idol things or spin offs of it. I prefer to get my sports news from the newspaper and KNBR; And I also prefer to spend my time not in front of a TV, where you actually use less brain power than when you are sleeping, reading a book, or being outside doing nothing.

And although you may be right that America likes this kind of entertainment, does it work for ESPN? I would like to know if this is really what american sports watchers or avid SportsCenter/ESPN watchers want; because it seems like this entire board dislikes it. and i know this is not a sufficient sample population, but can it coorelate to anything that might prove that it is not a good thing that they do this.

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