Tuesday, December 11, 2007


so it has been one month since my last birthday, so there are some things to catch up on.
1. This Winter Break should be very cold, but I think the consumption of alcohol will always keep us warm. Plus Kshitij (Sidaj) has a house open for two weeks in Cupertino - so we should see whats going on in the south bay once or twice. Plus I believe Tony Ton Ton's house is open. Another good sign.

2. New Years - wow so I just made reservations for Days Inn... there are 8 of us going so far in a 2 bed place... its going to be cramped with drunks and druggies... I propose we get a VIP lounge at VEX for New Years Eve... I would recommend we start figuring out now how much that would be - I could do that - and of course if we are all down... its going to be pricy, but well worth the night.

3. I have Jury Duty on the 14th - so lame, i get picked every year.

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