Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Live 105's Not So Silent Night - Review

On December 7th I had the chance to catch this show there was 5 bands, 200 parents, 600 js, and so many 12 year olds smoking pot that I felt pressure to buy some dank and light it up just to fit in.


Opening act: 
Ok so...I missed their whole gig. I was late. Forgive me. Actually forgive the person I attended the show with, she lost the tickets right out front and we searched for 30 mins.  Long story short, someone returned the tickets to Roll Call, good karma I guess.
But regardless good band who have an interesting sound.

Download this:
"Misery Business"


2nd Act: 
Yeah so remember that whole losing the ticket story, it inched itself into this bands spot as well.  We got into there show, they had 3 songs left, which were actually all pretty good. Good enough for me to download a few of their songs off itunes, and listen to more then once.  

Check this indie band out, they've been "underground" for 10 years and 6 full albums while getting stronger and more cohesive as a band. If you like rock with a bit of artistic ability sprinkled throughout you'll enjoy this bands sound.

Download this:
"The Underdog"
"Don't You Evah"
"I Turn My Camera On"

Buy This:
Their New Album "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" is all the rave on any music website with a pulse.

Angels and Airwaves

3rd Act: 
Ok so. Lets get this straight, Tom DeLonge leaves a wildly successful punk/rock fun-loving cock/balls/pee jokes band, blink-182, to pursue a more serious career on a band who writes songs about feelings and power? WTF?

I'm first going to put this out there. Tom thinks hes GOD. He thinks whats hes giving the world in Angels and Airwaves, he believes it will take him out of hell for the demon bearing blink-182 band he did as "a kid" in his words.

Tom made a speech before every song EXCEPT for the very first song, which had a 2 minute guitar build up. Here are some excerpts from his speeches:

"...Did you ever want all the power in the world? (7 stoned teenagers yell quietly to themselves 'i do!') I did. When I was just a kid in a punk rock band not giving a shit about anything in the world, I started to realize the power that I wish I had. I wish I had the power to do whatever I wanted, and thats what this song is about..."

"...Have you ever wished that everyone a whole room as big as this could feel the same exact thing all at once...I do...And thats why I wrote this song its called 'Everythings Magic'..."

Yeah so thats just a few of them, he had about 7 of them all in that realm. Now don't get me wrong the music wasn't BAD, but his speeches just made the following song so cheesy.  He basically ruined it, if he didn't make the speeches beforehand I would've liked the songs a little bit more.

Just a note as well, Tom proclaimed when they first started that they were going for U2 and Pink Floyd. Uh...noooooo.

Download this:
"Everything's Magic" Yeah his speech was...well peckerwoodish, but the song is still catchy.
"The Adventure"

Jimmy Eat World

4th Act:
Damn. These guys killed it. Flat out best band of the night, how they weren't closers is beyond me. They played the perfect blend of new stuff and their previous 4 other albums.  Their ability to control the tempo of the crowd was phenomenal, it also showed me how many great arena rock songs they have.  

They flexed their rock muscles from beginning to end all the while peppering their set with 2 great ballads that had everyone in the crowd close to tears while their arms swayed in the air with the 21st century's version of a lighter, their cell phones.

Download this:
"Gotta Be Somebody's Blues"
"Let it Happen"

Buy This:
Their Previous Album "Futures" will have you not listening to anything else for 3 weeks. And then 1 week later you'll be listening to the album for 6 monthes straight.

Modest Mouse

Closing Act:
First off, I never realized there was 6 guys in this band. Their setup was a little offsetting to me with the lead singer set all the way to stage right, while i was 5 people back stage left. So looking all the way over to watch him sing got my neck fairly cramped.

Anyway, these guys rocked pretty hard as well. It was a bit of a downer cause I dont really listen to these guys much so for a closing act for me it was anticlimatic but they def rocked the house. Their radio hits were great got the house shaking, and they closed out the set with a 16 min closer that was killer.

Download this:
"Ocean Breathes Salty"
"Float On"

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