Wednesday, December 19, 2007


it has been a few days since anyone has made a post, so what the hell, i guess its time. there has not really been too much excitement around town. people have work, school, girlfriends, etc. all three of these things i do not have, so i guess that gives me reason to believe i need one of these. it is a huge quandary right now for me; do i spend money on the Kaplan LSAT class, and then from there take the LSAT and go to law school; or do I make an internet company, something which I have been thinking about for a long time; or do I look for something in the business world, but honestly, after two lackluster jobs I am beginning to wonder if the business world is cut out for me. I think I would be much more satisfied having my own company, working for myself, or being a lawyer... and not necessarily do I have to practice law, I could always get into being an Agent - which would be very cool.

Times like these I wish I could smoke some weed. It has been hm... let me count... over 6 months since I last took a toke. I never thought I would see the day, but I guess it has arrived. Let me tell you this, for all of you who have never made it 6 months without a toke... it is nuts. In my class they talked about what happens to your chemical balance in your brain after 3 months, then 4 months, then 6 months without marijuana... its nuts! In the beginning you have a loss of appetite, feel like you are very bored without it (which is soooo true), and is one of the main reasons why people continue to smoke - they feel bored without it. Life is very boring being sober, and that is the killer to trying to stay sober. The second thing your brain does as it tries to recuperate from its long haul of marijuana - depression and lots of sleep. You are constantly tired and depressed. This is a normal reaction, and I had the same feelings. I remember a few months ago I was depressed about everything, and for no reason at all. You begin feeling depressed because your brain is going through major changes. There is a missing chemical in your brain and the brain is trying to reorganize itself and re invent who it was. And let me tell you this, trying to stop drinking is the hardest mother fucker of them all. I do not consider myself to have a drinking problem- I can drink a drink and do not need another one, I do not need to drink to be "ok," but sometimes I feel it is fun to drink, and I do not see a problem with having fun. I like partying, I like having a good time, and alcohol just makes it more fun, so why not? I am not an angry drunk, I am not a sad drunk, I like to have fun, so basically I do not see a problem with it. But But But, can any of us, or me, honestly say they could go Cold Turkey and quit drinking for ever? Wow, imagine that. No more alcohol? It is a drug, and its the most sought after. I think that alcohol, being so accessible and accepted in the world is amazing. Cultures throughout the ages have used alcohol, some even speculate that alcohol is the reason why agriculture developed - the first civilizations began crops around hops and barley. And even monkeys and other animals will go after certain fruits in the wild because of the fermentation of alcohol that takes place. Animals, like we are, like getting fucked up.

Lets hear some comments about alcohol, its mysterious way that it can keep us, how it is so socially accepted, and if you think you could quit for life this instant.

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