Wednesday, December 19, 2007

so there are only 4 of us

Thats surprising to me since football season is near an end and basketball posts arent nearly as fun. As far as alcohol quitting goes, I could not quit cold turkey unless there was a drastic if i drank another drink i would die (i know, pretty fuckin drastic). Weed would be easier to quit although i do enjoy smokin it. I've thought about how the chemical imbalance would effect one once quitting after so long. I guess one day I'll have to find out for myself. On to another drug, roids. It was interesting to look at the mitchell report. I do agree wtih you gio that we have never seen baseball without cheating which definetely sucks. I feel though that after all these names have come up and the cases are closed, stop investigating. Baseball should look more towards the future of how to fix it then to punish the people of the past...its done move on. As far as testing players though, they should test them every week but they wont cuz its too expensive. If the league cared about its integrity, they wouldnt care about the price. They lost a lot of credibility and sooner or later they wont be getting any money if they cant earn it back. I must say though, im glad i wasnt home when thereport came out. Sportscenter must have been all over its nuts...that and the pats of course....probably the yankees and arod as well.
Lookin forward to comin back and getting faded with you guys. Libyas fun, but its the same shit everyday...smoke a lot of hash, kick it with the family and eat a lot of food...Worst of all, no bitches to kick it with. If you think the dubs bad, you havent seen shit. I leave the 22nd, stay a night in London and I get back the 23rd so let me know if anyone wants to do anything that night. hopefully im not too jet lagged. Giorgio, if you can think of something you want from the arab land, let me know (i dont know what you would want but the offers out there for you or anyone else).

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Gorgeous George said...

can you get me some nice arguila tobacco? or should i say arguili