Friday, December 28, 2007

Is it possible to change the world anymore?

I'm reading the book, The Life of Hunter S. Thompson: Gonzo, right now. Back in 1969, Hunter himself after writing his first big novel, Hells Angels, he lived in a small little town outside of Aspen, Colorado. He did not like the direction the town was going in, basically the town was so against the Haight-Ashbury movement, that if any hippies were to come into town they were to be jailed for they did not want anything in that manner to corrupt their small town.
Hunter did not care for this. So he thought he could group enough young people in the town to vote and vote him into the Town Sheriff position, where he could tweak many of the laws toward the liberal side. So he campaigned. He conned the head sheriff into a debate at a local community center, and collected all the young people who he knew were on his side to the debate. He demolished the guy, not only did he demolish him, he outsmarted him, with counter-points and ideas that actually made sense.
So with all the campaigning and help from his friends and people who desired change Election night came. With the town's population of 2,000-3,000 total people, he lost the campaign by a mere 274 votes to another guy who Hunter and his people supported, the guy who was Sherriff lost by a landslide. But after that campaign, the town changed police no longer chased druggies and drunks and threw them in jail, they helped them to their homes after bars closed or helped them to rehab centers. Police no longer chased off the young, they helped them. And it was this way for nearly 30 years.
Today the only change that seems to be happening is doors are closing on freedom rather then opening. Sure technology is opening massive doors for knowledge to be attained but its the same technology that is keeping us from our very own privacy. What direction do you guys see the world/USA going in? What kind of factor will religion have in the future? Do you see yourself making an impact on the world? Do you see yourself, aside from because of work, leaving this country for a better living? Also last note, do you think if you moved to a smaller mid-west town or just a town in general that is "backwards" and make a positive impact? If so how?

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