Thursday, December 27, 2007

Steroids and Fans and a Solution

"Bonds is a cheater"
"Bonds shouldn't be in the records because he used"
"Bonds is a cheater"
"Bonds = Steroids"

For a few years these and more creative signs, chants, and slurs have been cast in the direction of one man by fans of baseball, Barry Bonds. He was a cheater, a liar, and everything he has ever done has been enhanced illegally. Barry Bonds built the San Francisco Giants one of the greatest ballparks in history, by cheating history. Fans of other teams looked down upon the Giants as they feel the Giants knowingly used this cheater to their advantage for one thing, money.

But now there are more names, names from every team in baseball. Whether big or small, good or bad, they cheated the game for one thing, money. So what should fans of these teams do now? Should they do what all Barry Bonds' fans did, and back their man until their dying day? Or does that make them complete and utter hypocrites, I think it does.

Fans have had baseball cheating under their noses for 20 years now as baseball has been thriving and making more and more money every year. Well we've got to do something as fans, this may be a fast apology accepting society but baseball has taken huge chunks out of our pockets every year with rising ticket, food, beer, parking prices. So lets take a chunk out of their pockets.

Opening Day is by far the biggest day for baseball league wide. Attendance is usually at its highest for most clubs, even the Marlins. So on baseball's biggest attendance and presumably cash day we should all as one do the same thing, not show up.
Not only should we not show up, don't buy tickets to the Season's game 1. Yes season ticket holders have their tickets already but no ones opening day games are completely sold out at this point.

Money will be lost. By those guys in the high chairs who knew what was going on this whole time but lifted their nose at it. Players will come out to near empty stadiums and realize, "We've done something wrong here" Yes their game will be played out, but have you ever been to a professional baseball game with less then 2,000 people in attendance? Or how about 100 in attendance. Its a lonely feeling for everyone.

Baseball has cheated us for long enough that for one day, one single solitary day we can afford to not even look at a TV screen. Because baseball fans with our quick apology accepted society baseball will be there the next day, the next week, the next month, all the way till into November. So can't we all just take one day together to show everyone involved in this scandal that we as fans are not happy about was going on behind our backs. We as fans must show that what our heroes the guys we've looked up to and imitated for years, we're unhappy with what you've done to us.

So lets spread the word, don't go to opening day and maybe, just maybe this may open the eyes of baseball to what they've done.

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