Saturday, December 29, 2007

What's Your New Years Resolution?

I'm lying here in my bed thinking about my life and what I want and where I want to be. I think looking to far into the future is scary but for some reason everyone seems content on looking into the new oncoming year with optimism and selfishness. What can I do to better myself? Kinda weird but no one seems to mind the oozing egos of everyone for the first 2 weeks of the new year. Its crazy what a number on a calender can represent to people.
So I've been making mental notes of what I want for myself. So I'll share and hopefully you guys can build on it, comment on it, or just list your own.

1. Get in and stay in shape. Damn, 23. really?! It seems like 20 years ago I was 13 and 2 years ago I was 18. Time begins to move fucking fast, so I guess I gotta move too. I know almost 80% of people say get in shape for the new year gotta lose those 10 extra lbs. Well I'm here to say I'm in the 20% that will actually make that effort. More sports I say, I'm tired of spending my weekends curing myself from hangovers by lying around, its not that fun anymore. Sure I'll get drunk but I'd like that rate its at to drop.

But after playing Bball at Foothill Gym and seeing how far my skills have diminished is scary, because if I let my skills wander longer who knows how bad I'll be when I'm 28. And I don't like that. I'm also going to be picking up the weights again, I was good at that for a solid 3 weeks 6 days a week then we went on our road trip and I lost the motivation, I have to say I was really starting to enjoy the way that made me feel. I want that feeling back.

2. Biting my nails. I've been a biter since 1991, and thats when our first grade class had a survey of what we do and don't do. For example, "Do you roller blade or skateboard?" I was a blader. "Do you throw a ball with your left or right hand?" Right handed. "Do you bite your nails?" Wtf? Bite my what? Let me find out what thats is weirdly addictive. Its been no turning back ever since. But I've never made a serious, conscious effort to stop, maybe I didn't do it for a week then I would bite when I wouldn't even notice. But now, now I'm making that effort.

3. Reading more. I should be just plain saying reading period. This past year I've read a total of 3 and a half books. But thats 2 total books and 3 halfers. Thats 3 and half more books then the previous 6 years combined, its amazing how much you don't read when your not in school anymore. I can officially not watch sportscenter anymore, MTV honestly has maybe 2 shows I'll watch, but I'm never consistent with them, VH1 has good countdown shows, but I've seen them all, E! has The Soup which is on Friday's at 10 or something like I'm there to watch that, but I'll watch the reruns. And I've haven't watched a basic cable TV show since Friends, I only watch the Office when its on TBS.

So shit. I noticed today every show I tried to watch a commericial would come on 3 mins later so I bounced around for an hour watching probably 12 different shows, then settling on 2007 Funniest Commericials. wtf. So I turned the TV off and read for 2 hours today, and I enjoyed it. So reading is on the rise.

4. Going back to school. Thats right I'm enrolled at DVC this coming semester I'll be taking a Journalism class and a History class, both night classes. Why you ask? A number of reasons, number 1: I like my job, I don't love my job. Sure the money is nice, very nice. But is this something I want to do the rest of my life, fuck no. Which is the beauty of our age, we're at a time of our lives where if we find something we don't like the number of responsibilities we have to ourselves is not limiting our future.

So everyone who reads this, if you find yourself in a job you like but you DO NOT LOVE get out, get out while you can. Who cares if its paying you a shit load, if you don't like your job now and you'll be in it 30 more years you can't even come close to imagining yourself in 20 years and what you'll be like. Take advantage of that everyone. I'll be in school for the next few years while working at a job I do not extremely care, but I'll be working towards something I want even if it did take me a little extra time just to find out exactly what that was.

Thats all I got for now plus I'm getting really tired so I hope you guys enjoyed this and post up your thoughts and your resolutions.

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