Wednesday, February 6, 2008


this is one of those situations that its hard to determine who is telling the truth or not - personally, i think clemens took the drugs and used them to his advantage. then again, ive always disliked him and could be somewhat biased in my opinion.

that said, if clemens DID take illegal performance-enhancing drugs and he thinks there is ANY way it could be proved that he did so knowingly, he better stay away from congress next week (or whenever hes going for the hearing). his ex-trainer and ex-good friend are both out there saying contradicting statements which is not a good sign. he should take note of whats happening to bonds out here on the west coast - if he lies and they think they can prove it, they will come after him.

The whole steroids controversy has been way overdone and i have pretty much got over all of it but i will be tuning in when the hearing occurs because this is some real heavy drama.

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