Friday, February 8, 2008


There are 7 girls on a bus

Each girl is wearing 7 backpacks

In each backpack, there are 7 big cats

For every big cat there are 7 little cats

How Many Legs Are In The Bus?

(this is not a trick question, there is a real answer) post your answers


Grandpa Riebe said...

10990 legs (feet & paws)

7 girls = 14
343 big cats = 1372
2401 little cats = 9604

Gorgeous George said...

i say there are only 14 legs on the bus. reason: there is no mention that the girls currently posses the backpacks on the bus; it just mentions that they own backpacks with cats in them. also, there is no mention that the cats are on the bus either.

Dylan Smeder said...

I totally know this answer. Answer is 0 fellas. The girls are ON the bus, as opposed to Inside it. Smooth one Scotty, But i win this round. Just like I beat you in fantasy basketball and hockey(legitimately).... this is Karma for knocking me out of the postseason in football!

Gorgeous George said...

haha sorry dylan but, like myself, we thought way too much into the wording... which i believe is the correct way of viewing it, but obviously who ever created this riddle (and scott i know its not you or your mom or whatever so i can say this) needs to rethink how they word questions like this. ambiguity is a nasty thing.