Monday, February 4, 2008

Got Scripts?

Hey guys, I've got the filming itch again. But I'm workin 8am-5pm Monday through Fridays so time is limited. I want to start to get some shorts under my belt, some actual quality 30 seconds (commercials or just something with substance or quality in that time)-10 minute shorts. I'm gonna be attempting to write 1 a week, and shooting it on Saturdays/Sundays and editing Sunday through the rest of the week. But it can be hard to do this every week, which is why I'm turning to you guys.

If anyone has anything written up, or can write something out and wants to shoot it, send it to me and lets talk. I'm not looking for someone to meet up with on Saturday and go from there, I want an actual idea, I hate sitting around all day shooting jack shit, its pointless. This is an exercise for me and you.

If you are not in town which I know some of you are, this is a really tight way to see how well two people can interpret each other's vision.

So if you ever have a spur of enlightenment and can write it out, do it. Or if you can write something small every week lets shoot it.

and lastly, make sure it can be realistically filmed by someone with a 20 dollar budget and access to a max of 5 actors.

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