Friday, February 22, 2008

Mary Jane

Puff the magic Buddha here I come once again
Takin' hit number ten and representin' West Marin
I be fillin' my mind with knowledge as my lungs are filled with smoke
Cough, chokin' on the potent smoke inside my throat
From Chico, California to my home in the Bay, say
We like to smoke out every day!
I be Northern Lights smokin' hit the joint until I'm chokin',
My eyes are turnin' red and I can barely keep 'em open
The Mystic Roots be knowin' that the way of the walk is stoned
Ask Seba, Irie, Johnny Kind or Shayne'll say: "It's on"
I got the thin mustache, I need another hit a hash
Cause I smoked all my grass just got a pipe all full a ash
I'm stankin' from the dank and I can only want some more
They call me Coot from Mystic Roots just like I told ya before
Give me the green bud, cause 215 legalized
I be the ganga connoisseur I likes it crazy crystallized so
Pass the marijuana my way, and some papers so that I can roll a Jay

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