Thursday, February 14, 2008

Slam Dunks

because this is all-star weekend and we have to go 5 days before seeing monta ellis and the warriors (especially without a weak Webber) play basketball again, here is a video of the "best dunks" in nba dunk contest history.

personally notable:
(0.44) Baron davis siting (1.18) fred jones stretched slam - perfectly done (2:20) Dominiques eyes at the rim (2:40) long 360 by ?? - classic (3:05) young jordan (3:35) J-Rich (4:40) classic MJ (5:18) J-Rich with my favorite - the great backboard between the legs (5:35) J-rich hyping the crowd (6:10) Josh smith has hops (6:40) behind the back by ??

best in-game dunks. obviously older material but still some great stuff

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