Sunday, February 10, 2008

so i was taking a really smelly shit...

and i was wondering, and i would like to hear all of your opinions on this one, why are shits such a detestable thing?

a few things i considered as possibilities:

1. because they smell bad and i dont like bad smells i concluded that shits must be repugnant
2. contrary, they smell bad only because they are a disgusting thing, like shitting, and if it were something else - without any prior knowledge that that smell is derived from a shit - that was pleasant, we would not think the smell to be bad at all.
3. and if 2, then shits dont really smell bad at all, but it is more because we think shitting is disgusting the smell that follows must be disgusting too.

4. so my somewhat conclusion after i flushed the toilet was that if it was socially agreed upon, and a norm of human society, that shitting was this thing that was not disgusting or detestable or repugnant, then, maybe smelling shit would not be so bad.

what are your suggestions?

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Grandpa Riebe said...

i dont think you have done enough research.

i think you need to go to a public place with lots of foot traffic and drop a deuce on the sidewalk. Then, you should take note of the reactions you get to fully understand if it is as detestable as you think