Monday, February 18, 2008

Ted Robinson Brings Up A Good Point

How crooked can congress be, if Roger Clemens can buy them for a public hearing for steroids?

Its kind of scary how one sided some of those politicians were, attacking McNamee.

Regardless, I fucking sick of all this shit I think this could've all been over and done with much more quickly with standing up and apologizing.

Players like FP Santangelo who stood up and apologized for their wrong doings, it was a (semi)big deal for 29 hours then forgot about. Even now players like Lo Duca are having quick press conference bringing up the issue and defusing it, its not even making 3rd page of Sports Sections, its on the last page of the baseball section paraphrased in Sub-Headlines. We as a society for some reason or another are extremely accepting of apologies and forgetting about what was done wrong.

Do you think Bonds and Clemens both could've avoided all their shit, if they just apologized and said they did it? Obvoiusly there wouldn't be hearings like the one we had last week, but do you think it would be as big a deal?

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Gorgeous George said...

i think it would be a big deal, but not as big. my reason is that they are the each the best at their position in that steroid-era. but then again, we are assuming that they in fact did take steroids. i of course believe they both did, but i think bonds' argument will hold up better in court - not knowing what cream was being applied.