Wednesday, February 6, 2008


how long shaq going to play basketball, i can't believe we still talk about this guy, it's strsnage that Jorrdan could probably be playing this long also


Larry Bud said...

maybe because hes one of the greatest of all time at his position?

Gorgeous George said...

grant hill is still playing too... along with webber... lots of players from the early 90's are still in the league. well not lots, but some good ones.

Grandpa Riebe said...

michael jordan did play longer than shaq has so far. he was better in his 40s than most players are in their prime.

and yes, they talk about shaquille because 1) he is an nba all-time great and 2) he is an nba all-time media character. he acts for the camera and says the things the media world wants to hear and report so he is always going to get the attention. players who are just as good but quiet (maybe tim duncan for example) will never be followed as closely as shaq always has been.

i was blown away last night when maria asked me if i had heard shaq had been traded to the suns. my initial reaction was basically, "youve got to be wrong, theres no way." this dude hasnt even been playing. his knees are giving up on him. and the suns, one of the highest scoring up-and-down teams in the league, are going to trade for his old broke ass? the trade made no sense to me at the time and even after hearing some of the reasoning behind why they would want to get him, it still doesnt make much sense to me. ive got to think there was another big man they could have gone after with marion as trade bait but i could be wrong. i just simply do not see how this makes them better. i think kerr probably pulled the trigger too quickly on the whole thing.

i must admit that i never have really liked shaq much. yes, i cant deny that he is one of the greatest centers ever (with rings to back it up) but i just attribute most of it to something you cant teach - size. he has always been absolutely HUGE and in my opinion has taken advantage of that just as much as he has his basketball skill throughout his career. i dont blame him for that but i will never say he was a player with GREAT basketball skills - he was a HUGE basketball player who had good enough skill to make him very difficult to guard.

Gorgeous George said...

no basketball skills? free-throws baby, free throws!

Larry Bud said...

i think shaq is one of the greatest. how many big fucks have you seen who have no coordination (adonal foyle), no footwork (adonal foyle), terrible hands (adonal foyle), and cant make anythign within 5 foot range (todd fuller). shaq is one of the best skilled guys his size, ever, all the greats are. yes he did use his size, but it takes a smart player and an understanding of the game to take advantage like that.