Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Re: Giants better without Bonds

I think the giants are a good move or two away from winning the West. they have arms, they need offense

Yes, the absence of Barry bonds is likely a big relief for many of the players in the clubhouse. Barry bonds sans cushy attitude and luxuries would be an incredible aura to be around. no matter what he or any of his teammates did, it would have been hard to ignore for some.

He’s arguably the greatest overall player of the last half of the 20th century. 1987-2007 was a phenomenal time to watch him play, grow, and win.

there are a handful of giants players younger than 26 (some our age) who are important for their success. Most had not experienced success with Barry, had not raised a pennant with Barry, had not won 100 games with Barry. Many had not seen 40 home runs and had never watched 30 stolen bases from the dugout. They had not experienced any of it with barry. And Barry had never experienced it with the majority of them. These reciprocally polar feelings made the last season or two awfully apprehensive.

Barry Bonds can still swing a bat. All of us have our own opinions about what he may have done unnaturally but his body is no doubt breaking down naturally. (Too bad for him baseball doesn’t have courtesy runners anymore – a lot of AL teams would have raised interests.) His physical liability in the outfield and on the bases is difficult to deal with but his emotional liability is what is most difficult to sign a contract with. Plus, a jail cell wouldn’t help.

His skill in the batter’s box may turn out to be difficult to replace but the emotional weight lifting from the remaining Giants’ shoulders could turn out to be a profitable return.

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Larry Bud said...

i hope if the giants do infact score joe crede that they get rid of either: durham or aurilla, but most importantly randy winn. how fast of an OF would we have with rajai, rowand, and your boy freddy lewis while old man roberts steals 2nd in the all important 8th inning of what will be a reoccuring 2-1 giants deficit they must over come by small ball.

any takers giants will have lowest home run total in majors this year?