Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i said grab some pine, meat

because Pedro Feliz is no longer a giant. And Mike Krukow the announcer of the giants always tells guys to Grab Some Pine, Meat when they leave the batters box.

I think you Warrior fans need to get your heads out of your jew asses, and realize the Warriors sucked for 14 years, had one decent year, DECENT...... and they will continue to suck ass again. Also Webber is a jinx and is the ruined their chances 14 years ago. Hmmm any more negative thinking i can put into this .... nope.

also lately i've discovered something at safeway that is really under rated. Canned Goods. Tuna, Pineapple slices, beans. That a babe.


Grandpa Riebe said...

warriors fans should get "their heads out of their asses"? I'm basically not going to give your comments more than two seconds of thought but I find it very funny those comments are coming from an oakland raiders fan

Gorgeous George said...

sucks being a champion at a sport that can't get you laid.

don't make ridiculous comments like that; do you even watch the Warriors run the floor? do you even realize that they are one of the highest scoring teams in the NBA? do you also realize that they have one of the best records in the NBA? (not the best, but one of them) Do you Believe? We Believe

padweez said...

oooo dylan smeder, u grab some pine meat, the warriors have been terrible for many years, and decent the last 4 or so, last year they were a good team once they made the trade 2 get al and stewey jack. So they made the playoffs and beat the one seed, yup my head is up my ass they suck, and for chris webber, who would u rather have out there dj mbenga? austin croshere?