Saturday, January 26, 2008

The joke that is my life. A rendition of an Orr.

Hello my friends, and welcome to a show that is both interesting and enlightening. A rendition, one may say of things to do, and of course of things to avoid. One can sit on their perch and judge through slighted eyes at how I live, or, one can simply take a proverbial seat and listen to my tale. I am somewhat of, well, an anomaly. While you all live, I am currently in limbo. Many think limbo is a state of betwixment(that might not be a word), yet I see it as a state of mind. Being in a place that is both damaging and perfectly innocent at the same time. I have the attention span of a new born puppy, I am constantly looking for something else to do, and I self loathe constantly about anything and everything. I will be here to wonder, wait, and bewilder the world with a joke here, and a smile there, yet my mind is always looking for something new. I am excited for three things. To see my friends when I am not in their presence, to get drunk, and...well.....I forgot the third. Now, some may look at this poetry of motion and think I am looking for sympathy. Here is where I am different. I love my life. While I see how I live to be a complete joke, I am always laughing righ along. I love everything, and yet still loathe it. Explain to me one day in the distant future why a man can look down upon his life and have such conflicting viewpoints. I cannot wonder without anxiety, love without curiosity, nor roam without a fleeting sense of uncomfortable hatred. I love my life , and all in it, but I am sensing a slight pattern of self destruction. Why am I complaining upon this blog that we are supposed to use for lighter tidings? I guess it is because I am still drunk from the incredible night before, the girl I ravenously, and continuosly, had sex with is still sleeping in my bed, I have nothing to do but wait till she wakes so I can once again, and, well, I'm fucking bored. Still feeling sorry for me?

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