Monday, January 28, 2008

question on webber

so i was listening to KNBR today and they were debating over whether or not it was a good move on the Warriors behalf to sign Webber. Mr. T and the Razor were both saying they would like to see it "work" before they give the sign the green-light; but they also reiterated a few times that they thought it was not a good idea because Webber is not a solid defender at Center. I see how they could say Webber is not a solid defender, but why do they mention at Center? Is Webber going to play Center for the Warriors? I have always thought Webber as more of a Power Forward with the ability to play at the top of the key, or something along the lines of that.

Someone shed some light on this.


Grandpa Riebe said...

Yes, Webber is a better fit as a PF - when healthy, someone who can actually handle the ball some and has a decent mid-range game. but, one of the big reasons why they are signing him is so they have someone who can play the center role in order to spell Biedrins in case he gets in foul trouble or needs rest. Harrington has been playing some center at those times but Al and his skills do not really fit that C role.

at least thats what I have gotten from it all

Larry Bud said...

Basically Nellie needs a big body who can rebound better then Al, while still being able to handle the ball and shoot. With Nellie ball Webber could play PF/C, he really isn't the biggest of guys but with Al at 6'9 playing center he doesn't rebound well enough for that.

Expect webber to be a fairly good role player, Webber is a smart ball player i'm interested to see how he fits and what # he'll wear.

Larry Bud said...

Adding to what I said, Nellie has been pretty harsh on Patrick O'Bryant almost never playing him. Had quite a short leash on Branden Wright who is just a little too light for C duties, and Kosta Perovic who has basically played one actual game. So I think Webber is gonna have to be that broozer that we didnt' have to stop Paul Millsap and Carlos Boozer in the inside against the Jazz in the playoffs. We'll see about that.