Sunday, January 6, 2008

We can all agree

Don't get sick, unless you're sick wit it. Anyways onto something that can't wait.... SPORTS
How do you guys feel about the wild card weekend. I personally wanted Vinceanity to crush LT and the gang Sunday but we can't always get what we want. Any of you guys see the Clemens interview with that Mike Wallace character. I don't believe him. But I also don't even really care at this point. He and Barry are 2 of the best of "The Era" and they areboth a product of it, so It is time to forgive and forget in my opinion. But just for the record a few of you guys can answer this. When we saw the Yankees Giants play that saturday game last summer, Did Bonds and Clemens ever face eachother, and if so didn't he walk Barry? My memory is fuzzy, I remember more about how shitfaced I got at Sarah's birthday the night before. Over
and out.

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