Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A surprising post.

I'm surprised to see you say that Squall. I'm surprised at a lot of the Niner Nation at this point actually. When Nolan came aboard there was nothing but positivity coming with his name, even though he hadn't been in the position before, and had little experience elsewhere, ( from what I knew about him). I know his Father made quite a name for himself when he coached so maybe people expected the same from Mike, but regardless I think Mike Nolan deserves one more year to try to turn it around. This time without Alex Smith in the way. I say get Shaun Hill healthy, and make him the only option for next season. Let Alex Smith blow one more game early next season, and go straight to Hill. Hill has shown more in 2 games than Alex Smith has in 2 seasons, injuries or not. Live from Vancouver, this is Dylan Smeder signing off.

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