Thursday, January 10, 2008

Martz in Win-Win Situation

Mike Martz has been handed a key to the city of San Francisco. The only problem the key won't work until after the 2008 season. No matter what happens next season for the 49ers Martz will be labeled "Savior" or "Head Coach".

The 49ers offense was so bad and useless, its boring to post their offensive stats on this page. So for Martz to succeed even to Norv Turner status which was getting the offense ranked in the 20s, will make him out to a genius of sorts. There is no possible way the offense could be as bad as it was this year. Martz has the creativity to atleast make the 49ers offense watchable.

Depending on the record of the 49ers, say between 5 and 7 wins the Head Coaching position could be handed over to Martz. Then if the 49ers do win over 8 games Martz could look like this great conductor who can bring such a dead thing like the 49ers offense alive and breathing. With that Martz whose under contract for only 2 years, subsequently the length left of Mike Nolan's contract, he could find himself up for head coaching positions elsewere. Martz even said in his press conference introducing him as OC of the 49ers, "I'd like to be a head coach again. The opportunity just hasn't presented it self."

Looks like Martz is right where he wants to be.

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Gorgeous George said...

i wish the niners would bring back the west-coast offense.