Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Keller your something of a genius

So motherfucking punisher is comin back huh? lame. the first one sucked my red penis, the second wont do much either. But hey, thats sick its right next to you. Derek what are you doing ehere you are? Please indulge and Orr. I also believe that one of the greatest items in a store are canned goods, they dont go bad bro! Fuckin spectacular. Yahoo sports is grand Scott, write a fuckin letter and suck a cock.....sorry, I didint mean for that to sound mean. Much love to you all.
So, I already am starting to fuck up with my new GF. Last monday i got blacked out and made out with a girl, i dont remember it though. When i found out i told her because i didnt want her to find out any other way. I got a whole new reason to hate myself again. Im beginning to think that little post i did earlier has even more truth than I thought. I wish i wasnt being such a fuck up in life, i need some help.

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