Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Views on LarryBud's Post

Those are some serious questions that you are posing.

Personally, I consider our freedom very much being withered away by this government that we have in-place. First, I think after 9-11 everything has changed; we no longer can do the same things that we once could with the same freedom; we are not obliged to follow certain rules and regulations that abide by what the government says "protects its people from the tyranny of Islam." This is complete Bullshit. I think that Khalid or I could attest, because we have been to the Middle East, that life is very different from the way our government or our media portrays it to be. Sure, life is different, but it is not chaotic. If you ask most of the people in Lebanon they will say they love America, its ideas, its art - movies and music - and many of the other "things" that represent what America is. What they will say is they do not believe, much the same way we do not believe, that the government is upholding the backbone of what America is; that is, freedom to voice an opinion. Many of my cousins want to come to America, but most say "I want to come, but after Bush is gone. Why can't you vote Clinton back?" Well for my sake I hope its not Hilary, she is the ultimate Socialist.

Hilary Clinton, or better yet, voting Democrat is voting Socialism/Less Freedom. Do you want that? Do you want more taxes? For, this is why America revolted in the first place; well of course there are other reasons, but I do believe the levying of taxes to pay for wars that we did not even want to fight were some of the main causes for why Parliament instituted so many faulty taxes. Another point for why Socialism is not the answer, and rather it is the Republican view of Laissez Faire that is the real way America should be headed in this "new" world. Health Care. Democrats want Universal Health Care; they want every American to pay a tax to fund health care for the entire country. Do you even know what percent of our GDP goes to Health Care? I think Khalid can attest to this - its about 17%! The tax would be huge!!!!! And this is not the end of the line for the cost of health care - no, indeed not, imagine what the percentage will be when the Baby Boomer's are all on Medicare. My Health Economics professor posited a number of around 25%!!!! Our taxes would be astronomical, and this does not include the new taxes that we would have to spend towards funding this ridiculous war we are fighting, where every new quarter the Senate is approving more money spent towards the war.

If this reason alone is not good enough, let me prove to you yet again that voting Universal Health Care is illogical - and indeed it has proven to be illogical. Imagine a world where everyone has health care. Ok, now imagine that you get a cold, something not serious, but because you only have to pay a small co-pay, or maybe no co-pay at all, you consider to yourself "hey, I do not have to pay to go to the Doctors, why not go?" Now imagine if everyone did this; that is, go to the Doctors for reasons that you do not really even need to go to the Doctors. Do you understand the inefficiency that this is causing? The amount of time the Doctor(s) have to waist to tell you its just a cold, go home. Do you not believe me? Well if you don't, then Khalid will attest to a multi-billion dollar research project designed by a group of Universities a decade ago. This test was to find out if people, when they knowingly did not have to pay as much to see a doctor began seeing the doctor more frequently; and it was not because they were more sick, its because the opportunity was there, and the cost was minimal. Let me use an analogy, the water system. It is very cheap, and I do not know about you, but if I had to pay a higher price for water than I know we all do now, I would not be running the water as frequently.

Listen, there are many more reasons for why Universal Health Care is illogical, and if you want to really debate this then I would love to, because I know I will win. It is illogical, and there is no way you can make something that is illogical logical. So, anyways, I think I have ranted enough about this for now, and I want to read the rest of the Blogs, but I will very much respond to another one of Scott's questions in the very near future.

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